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If you are the type of person who likes to try out lots of new applications or if you just like to click ‘next, next, next’ while installing software, chances are that you may have some bloatware and possibly messed up your right click context menus.

Well if that is the case or you simply want to play along and customize the right click menus then you need mmm…. mmm..

Download it and we will see how you can use it. What’s “IT” ? Oh….sorry in case you are wondering about the software I am talking about (but I already mentioned its name (twice!)) its “Mmm”. Download it here.

Using Mmm is dead simple. However, I will try to make it difficult:

  1. Brainstorm which menu you want to customize
  2. Brainstorm again what you can do to bring that menu on the screen. Bring it on the screen
  3. Click on the Mmm button in the Menu
  4. Customize

Oh God, that is so difficult. You must be scared now, right? Lets see some screenshots (non-scary):

How it looks

When you right click and you see a menu with a colored strip on the left hand side it means that menu is editable in Mmm. Here are just a few of the editable menus


Edit Menus

To edit the menu you click on the dot on the colored strip (here I am editing the menu for a pdf file)

Clicking on the dot would open up a window like the following one:

Just Rearrange

All you have to do now is to rearrange the menu items into categories.

  • Move the items you want to keep but you don’t use often to ‘Rarely Used’ in the right pane. These items will now appear as cascading menus.
  • Move the items that you don’t want to use to ‘Hidden Items’ and they will not show the next time you click to bring up the menu.

That’s it. If the colored strip bothers you every time, bring up the Task Manager and end Mmm.exe. You won’t see it again till you want to edit some more menus then run it again!

Do you know of any other right-click menu editing software programs?

(By) Varun Kashyap – Programmer, Blogger and Tech enthusiast, who likes to maintain and keep his system working nice! He blogs about tips, tricks, tutorials, latest on the web on his TechCrazy Blog

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