Take A Virtual Tour As Google Maps Rolls Out A ‘See Inside’ Button For Businesses [Updates]

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Google Street View has given us a lot to look at when it comes to locations around the world. Very recently, Google has also worked with businesses to integrate them better in Google Maps. It has certainly made shopping easier by offering indoor floor plans. Then, it also has a program that helps businesses create 360 degree virtual tours of their interiors and take a virtual walk-through. As Google says, it helps with customer engagement as they will be able to experience the interiors without actually being there.

The same Google Maps feature is now a part of Google Search. When you type in the name of a business, Google Search displays photos and a feature to take a virtual tour of the business along with Google Maps. The user just has to click on the ‘See inside’ image on Search to enter the business and then walk around.

Google made a public announcement on Twitter and Google Plus when the feature was rolled out. See the embedded tweet below and try it out for yourself.

The feature will gather momentum among users as more businesses opt in for the virtual tour program on Google Maps.

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Source: 9To5Google

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Mac Witty

Great, hope more business owner will upload photos

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