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take a screenshot of a web page As a blogger I take so many damn screenshots it almost hurts.

As a network administrator I take even more screenshots. Sometimes I have to take a screenie of a website but you can only capture what is actually displayed on the screen hence the name “screenshot”.

So what do you do when a website scrolls down several pages? How do you capture the whole essence of the site? There has to be a way – otherwise this guy wouldn’t be writing this article right?

Right you are!

I have come across an interesting application that promises that you can save your images as any of the popular formats and if you are willing to shell out some duckets they will let you use the application via the command line. But we will just be looking at the free version here at MakeUseOf. After all my motto is Free is for me!

So let’s see how WebSiteScreenShots handles in the real world.


I downloaded the 589KB app and started the installer. And shortly thereafter I launched the program.

take a screenshot of a website

The screen shot was generated and looks awesome. Here is a thumbnail of it:


Then I opened it up and it is an exact stationary replica of my website – sweet! Check it out:

You can grab multiple website screenshots using a text file and the multiple tab. All you need to do is create a text file containing all the sites you want shot and then specify the output directory or browse to it. And hit start. Watch as it does your bidding for you! It’s great for student projects or simple record keeping. Whatever your need this is an awesome way to capture a picture of a complete site.


Do you have a better way of doing this? Well than what are you waiting for? Let us know in the comments!!

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