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Sometimes you simply need a static website – not a blog, or a photo gallery or a complex, server-crunching database killer Vroom, Vroom: A Comprehensive Guide To Speeding Up A WordPress Blog Vroom, Vroom: A Comprehensive Guide To Speeding Up A WordPress Blog MakeUseOf serves hundreds of thousands of visitors everyday, and we do it all on Wordpress. Wordpress can and does scale from tens to millions of pageviews, but you’re going to need some heavyweight plugins and... Read More – but the simplest form of expression on the web. Static HTML is akin to writing your thoughts on a notepad and photocopying it for the rest of the office – it’s all about being quick and to the point without the frills. Whatever you need to say, Taigen is a very simple HTML generator that will help you say it in record time.

static html page creator

Using what Taigen are plugging as a “markdown editor”, creating a static website with a navigation, headings and off-site media is a bit like editing a wiki entry. Gone is HTML as you know it – there are no standard tags whatsoever. Instead the editor makes use of characters like the asterisk (*) to denote page title, links can be inserted with “[simple](” markup and the page you are constructing is previewed live, in real-time next to the editor.

Taigen: A Simple Static HTML Page Creator With Very Simple Markup taigen2

The onus here is on simplicity, rather than bells and whistles Top 5 Sites To Learn CSS Online Top 5 Sites To Learn CSS Online Read More . There are a few basic themes to choose from, and Taigen will host your site for you. The only catch is that you get a which you can’t change and you can’t host media locally (though linking to Imgur and other hosts is fine). Taigen does however allow you to download your page and host it wherever you like, and for a small fee ($5) you can host 2 sites, choose a site name and enable your site to be mapped for SEO purposes.


  • A very simple and fast way of creating static HTML.
  • Host one site for free or host more and unlock custom names and search indexing for $5 per month.
  • Export your site to use anywhere you like.

Grab your free static site now at

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