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Tag clouds are visual representations of user-generated tags to describe the content of a blog or a website. Almost all blogs have their own tag clouds, but Tagul takes this a step further by letting you design beautiful tag clouds which you can add to your blogs or any webpage to replace your ordinary tag clouds.

beautiful tag clouds

Once you sign up, you can create your own flash-based tag cloud and customize its appearance. Tagul has options for custom shapes selection and multiple fonts in one cloud. You can also set different effects like text inside text, rollover effects, vibrant tags and background colors, and more. Once done, you can save it and embed it to your blog for others to see.

Tagul is an ideal app for bloggers and webmasters looking for unique ways to display their online content.


  • Free to use.
  • Generate tag clouds to replace ordinary tag clouds.
  • Each tag is linked with a URL and is “clickable” which can be used for navigation.
  • Has custom shapes selection and multiple fonts.
  • Create tag clouds that have different shapes and features like text inside text and rollover effects.
  • Embed and share your tag cloud.
  • Similar tools: TagCrowd, Wordle.
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