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A new Instagram update for Android and iOS brings a new feature that lets you people in your tag your Instagram photos. This Facebook-borrowed feature is not surprising since the social network bought the photo-sharing app lock, stock, and barrel. Some slight differences remain, however: The new Photos of You Instagram feature allows only the photo taker to tag a photo, and not everyone the photo is shared with. You can tag not only your friends, but any Instagram account, social hangouts like coffee shops, or even a pet.

When you upload a photo to your Instagram account, the app will give you the option to tag the photo with the usernames of your friends. The Photos of You section will appear in your profile and a notification will tell you when someone else has tagged you in a photo. You can adjust your settings so nothing appears on your profile until you approve it.

The idea is to thread together all your memories, some in photos taken by you and some taken by friends. It should also make it easier to share and discover photos around specific tags and people. Earlier, you had to trawl your activity feed to search for mentions of your username.

You can play around privately with the Photos of You feature until May 16th, after which the Photos of You section would go public on all profiles. Read the specific how-to on Instagram’s Help Center.

Source: Instagram Blog


  1. macwitty
    May 4, 2013 at 10:30 am

    So now we will get spam tags on Instagram too...

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