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Google has a large number of tools for web developers to sink their teeth into, from advertising solutions to the world’s most accurate visitor and search traffic monitors 6 Websites to Track a Website’s Traffic 6 Websites to Track a Website’s Traffic These are the tools that help you see how many visitors go to a website. Compare website traffic statistics & analytics for your own digital marketing plans. Read More . Deploying these products require you to have access to the pages so you can input Google’s own tags which prove that you are the owner, and tell the respective servers to keep a track of that particular page. Get these tags wrong and you won’t be seeing any analytics or adverts any time soon.

tag assistant chrome

That’s exactly where Tag Assistant for Chrome comes in. The small extension installs a button in the top right hand-corner of Chrome next to the options menu. Click it and you’ll see information for all installed Google tags, be it AdWords Breaking Down Google's 2011 Revenues [INFOGRAPHIC] Breaking Down Google's 2011 Revenues [INFOGRAPHIC] If I had to choose only three words to describe Google, I would choose "money making factory". That company just can't make enough it seems. According to today's infographic (courtesy of WordStream), the search giant... Read More or Analytics, as well as an indicator as to whether the tags have been implemented properly or not.

As well as detecting tags and successfully installed services the extension can offer guidance as to how to fix incorrect tags. It’s not going to solve the problem for you, but it can let you know whether you’ve stuck a tag in the <body> section of your document, rather than the <head> among other rookie mistakes.


  • Detects successfully installed and incorrectly installed tags for Google products on a webpage.
  • Works for Analytics, AdWords, Conversion Tracking and more.
  • Can offer insight into incorrectly installed tags, and help solve these problems.
  • Perfect for novices just getting started with Google’s powerful tools.

Download Tag Assistant @ Chrome Web Store

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