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You might remember a service called BridgeURL which we talked about here. It basically facilitated the sharing of multiple links all at once by combining them into a single link. Tabulate is a Chrome extension that uses this service to create a single, all-in-one BridgeURL link for all the open tabs in the current Chrome session. That means if you are researching something and you want to share the links to the open webpages with a colleague or a friend, with this add-on it should now be very easy.


The BridgeURL link gives the user the option to open the links individually or all in one go. Overall, a neat tool that could come in really handy in certain situations.


  • Open all open Chrome tab links at once.
  • Add-on for Google Chrome.
  • Uses BridgeURL service to combine the links.
  • The link automatically gets copied to clipboard.
  • Similar tools: BridgeURL, Minmu, ShareTabs, UrlBunch and Shrink2One.

Check out Tabulate @

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  1. Rob Benwell
    August 16, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    This is what i required when i copy links from address bar of my social media spread.