Tabsflip: Switch Tabs Like Aero Switches Windows [Firefox]

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Windows Aero is an interface feature that sets taskbars and title bars as transparent. But one of the most liked features of Windows Aero is the way that it switches tabs. By using the Alt + Tab key you can not only switch windows but, thanks to Aero, you also get a preview of those windows in a semi-transparent overlay floating window.

Since browser tabs are also something people switch using hotkey shortcuts, it would be extremely useful to have this Aero window switching feature available for your web browsers currently open tabs. Here to bring that feature to Mozilla Firefox is a handy browser tool called Tabsflip.


Tabsflip is a free to use browser tool that adds to the visual appeal of your browsing experience. The tool basically comes as a browser add-on for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. After you install the add-on you will find a new button placed in the browser’s address bar. Clicking this button only displays usage instructions which you will most likely not need.

All you have to do to start switching browser tabs the Windows Aero way, is to use the same keyboard hotkey shortcuts to change tabs that you always use: Ctrl + Tab. You an also use the reverse window switching shortcuts i.e. Ctrl + Shift + Tab. A preview window will open up when you press down on these keys and you will be able to preview the browser tab that you select.



Check out Tabsflip @

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