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Working with HTML tables is something anybody can feel the need to do. You might need to sort some test results available online or you might want to filter out sports stats from an online HTML table. Rather than exporting the table to another file and using it in a non-browser program, you can make things easier for yourself simply by using TableTools2.

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TableTools2 is a highly useful browser add-on compatible with Mozilla Firefox. The add-on auto-detects HTML tables online and lets you perform a variety of tasks on them. It lets you easily sort HTML tables within Firefox and then search for things within them. Sorting by date has the American and European options; you can also sort by time, currency or number, IP address, and alphanumeric. The data in a table can be filtered out using number ranges. Other features of the app include creating charts such as histograms for the data available in an HTML chart.


  • A user-friendly browser extension.
  • Compatible with Mozilla Firefox.
  • Lets you sort and search data in HTML table.
  • Offers various sorting and searching options.
  • Creates charts for data in HTML table.

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