TabExplorer: Add Tabs To Windows Explorer

If you wish your Windows Explorer was more like your multi-tab browser, check out TabExplorer. It lets you add tabs to your Windows Explorer and instead of having multiple Explorer windows open, you can instead group them into tabs in one window, just like in your multi-tab browser.

With multiple windows open in tabs, it becomes much easier to do common tasks like copying files from one place to another or comparing folder contents, which makes you more productive by saving precious time. Moreover, it doesnt clutter your Windows Taskbar as you have only a single window open for many open folders.

To enable multi-tab interface in your Windows, download and install the application from their website. It is totally free with no spyware, adware or viruses.

110   TabExplorer: Add Tabs To Windows Explorer


  • Add tabs to Windows Explorer.
  • Simple and neat user interface.
  • Enable/disable auto-run on system startup.
  • Clone tabs.
  • Rename tabs.
  • Includes Portable mode.
  • Lifetime upgrade for free.
  • No Adware/Spyware/Virus guarantee.

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what if i want to get tab like browser in explorer…