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We all occasionally put ourselves in situations where we need to look at two pages at the same time while browsing the Internet. Whether it’s watching a YouTube video while chatting with a friend or blogging about an interesting news story, it’s always a hassle to perfectly divide your windows up.

chrome send tab to window

With Chrome’s Tab To Window Shortcut, you can easily open whatever tab you are on in a new window. Furthermore, the extension automatically divides the screen so you don’t have to worry about dragging windows around. Even better, you can customize the windows to be any size that you wish them to be. As you can tell, this extension is incredibly simple, but those are some fantastic features.

tab to window keyboard shortcut

The extension uses Alt+Shift+W to make the magic happen, but make sure you don’t accidentally hit Control (or Command). As you may know, this closes the window you’re on, and as expected, this is an easy mistake to make.

Tab To Window is a basic extension that is so good that it should already be a part of Chrome. Using it is fluid and natural, and you’re one to remember key shortcuts well, this is yet another to add to your memory bank.


You’ll likely use Tab To Window quite often. Think of how many times you’ve read articles with links to other articles – this extension is perfect for situations like this as well.


  • Opens current tab in a new window.
  • Divides screen by windows.
  • Customizable window sides and separation layouts.

Install the Tab To Window Shortcut extension from the Chrome Webstore

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