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While using an application or reading a document, you might come across clickable URLs which, when you click them, are opened in new browser windows. If you keep on clicking such links, you will eventually end up with a bunch of disorganized open windows which would look a lot neater if they were merged into a single browser window.

Thanks to the tabbed browsing feature in modern browsers, you can drag tabs in other windows to the main browser window and transport all your tabs into a single location. But manually dragging all those tabs can be considerably time consuming. Here to help solve the problem is a browser tool called Tab Glue.

tab glue

Tab Glue is a browser tool that brings all of your open browser tabs together. The tool is basically is a browser extension for Google Chrome. After the extension has been installed, you will find a new button placed on the browser’s address bar. Clicking on this button will merge all Chrome tabs open in different Chrome windows into a single window. The tabs will be ordered as the windows were ordered and your active tab will remain active.


  • A user-friendly browser extension.
  • Compatible with Google Chrome.
  • Transports browser tabs in different windows to a single window.
  • Keeps active tab in front view.

Check out Tab Glue @


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