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Syte is an open-source personal site that has social integration such as Tumblr, Twitter, Github, Instagram and others. So whatever you post or add to those social services will appear on your personal Syte website. It uses Tumblr for blogging and your Tumblr blog will become the primary page of the site. Other services are present in the left sidebar. Simply click on a service to view its updates (new posts, comments, photos etc).

It is responsive, which means that it automatically scales down to mobile device screen size. To set up your own Syte website and intergrate relevant social  services into it, follow the detailed instructions posted on the website.

Main page. Displays content from Tumblr

website with social media integration

Content from Twitter



  • Built using Django, HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Integrates with social services – Twitter, GitHub, Dribble, Instagram,
  • Free and open-source.
  • Automatically scales down to mobile device screen size.
  • Hosted on GitHub.
  • Aimed at developers and designers.
  • To see the Syte in action, visit the owner’s own site at

Check out Syte @

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