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Syndifeed is a web app that pools content from your favorite websites and present them in a seamless, readable layout. Similar to Flipboard on iOS, the website lets you enjoy a magazine-like experience, letting you sift through content quickly on any device.


Syndifeed just released a redesign of the website which they promised to be a lot cleaner and easier to use. Once you have added your favorite websites into your account, you can read the content from the dashboard or bookmark new content to read later. You can also add new content sources using the Discover tab. Content sources are sorted by categories like technology, photo & design, entertainment, science, sports, and more.

As you start rolling through content items, you will notice the website’s new responsive design, which makes it great for any screen size. A read later button for each item will also save items so that you can read them in the future.

The new statistics page shows some basic information like your top feeds, which is nice if you want to keep track of your reading patterns.



Syndifeed offers a way to keep updated with all our favorite websites without having to visit each one of them. It looks nicer than a standard RSS reader, and has just enough features to work well with mobile devices. This app is a catch for anyone looking for a web-based reader that works across all devices.


  • Discover new websites for fresh content sources.
  • Read syndicated content in a clean, responsive layout.
  • Click items you want to read later.
  • Works seamlessly on different screens for an integrated solution.

Check out Syndifeed @

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  1. Mayur Godhani
    January 4, 2013 at 5:04 am

    Great for me !! Thanks for sharing....