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Syncpad is a browser extension that lets you easily store notes in Simplenote. Here to improve the usefulness of Syncpad is yet another browser extension for Chrome – “Syncpad Webnotes” – that helps you easily attach sticky notes on websites and have them stored in your Simplenote account.

add notes to web pages

Syncpad Webnotes helps Simplenote users who are already using the Syncpad Chrome extension. Webnotes lets you easily attach sticky notes to any website you visit. These sticky notes reappear when you revisit the webpage. A record of these notes is kept in your Syncpad extension.

syncpad webnotes

The extension is aimed at existing Syncpad users. But even if you are not a Syncpad user, creating a free Simplenote account and then installing the Syncpad extension is completely worth it when afterwards you are able to add sticky notes to any site you like.



Check out Syncpad Webnotes @

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