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If you have a lot of files to manage on your Mac, you would know how hard it is to keep up with updating, syncing, and sorting the latest version of your files. While OS X’s Finder is one of the easiest file explorers today, we still need all the help we can get to keep our data protected, synced, and organized.

One such tool available on the Mac App Store is SyncDifferent. This tool constantly scans folders and synchronizes it to another folder whenever there are changed, added, or deleted files.

sync files on your mac

One such use case for this app is real-time backups. If you like Dropbox, you will find the same functionality here in a local setting. Any file from the folder you selected automatically syncs with your other selected folder. Thus, you can have your local folder synced to your external or network hard drive.

SyncDifferent can also synchronize multiple folders. This allows you to gather files from different folders into one main folder in real-time. This is handy if you want to organize your downloaded files from different folders to your designated folder. Two-way sync is supported through the settings, and you can even receive page notifications, whenever a new sync is done.



SyncDifferent adds another layer of control by notifying you once a file is synced. This way, you can always be reminded whenever a file change takes place. This makes it very easy for remote collaborators to use the app. You can also exclude filters to skip files that you don’t want to sync.

Sync Different is an app with many uses. It can become your backup tool, file organizer, and automatic file copier. This tool is nifty for any Mac User who want to have a little more control of the OS.


  • Scans for changed files in your selected folder in real time.
  • Sync multiple folders
  • Setups two-way communication for a more robust way to copy and paste files automatically.
  • Check update history and logs.
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