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There are millions of websites available for browsing but only few ones that an average internet user visits almost every day. These are the websites that comprise of most of the internet browsing so it completely makes sense if they were accessible from a single platform. SyncBay gives you that platform and much more.

SyncBay lets you create a really simple start page, giving you one click access to eight popular sites including Google, YouTube, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Twitter, iTunes and even your email. SyncBay completely eliminates the need to open a new browser window and typing the URL, now you can just click on your favorite website icon and search, shop or bid right your SyncBay homepage.

personalized home page

SyncBay also allows you to customize your start page by adding up to 12 different websites that will be accessible with a single click. The tool provides easy instructions on how to set SyncBay as your browser’s home page. If you are more of a toolbar type person, SyncBay also has a toolbar that can be added to your browser and used to get alerts when you receive new email, listen to music while surfing the web, stream over 30 TV channels for free and receive latest weather reports, all for free.

personalized home page

Even though SyncBay doesn’t offer a whole lot of customization as some other tools, it is a really simple solution to create start pages specially for new or not-so-tech-savvy internet users.


  • Create simple start page with one-click access to popular websites.
  • Search, bid, shop and socialize from a single platform.
  • Use the SyncBay toolbar to listen to music while surfing.
  • Customize your SyncBay by adding up to 12 different websites.
  • Watch random funny videos right from your SyncBay.

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    October 26, 2010 at 11:59 am

    It is a very useful tool and I found it here. Thanks.