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sync todo macThere are several task management tools, apps, and websites in existence, but it’s great when can download one that is well designed, easy-to-use and offers Wi-Fi synchronization. The application I’m speaking of is called Wunderlist, recently released by Wunderkinder””a team of developers in Germany.

Wunderlist, a cross-platform (Windows and Mac) tool, may not have all the heavy duty bells and whistles, and features for the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology and associated programs, but if you’re looking for something less complicated and straightforward, Wunderlist might well serve your needs.

sync todo mac

Out of the box, Wunderlist is fairly intuitive to use. Upon launching the application, you can set up a quick account for syncing your list of tasks between computers and your iPhone””i.e. when the app is released in a few weeks. ï»¿Wunderlist starts off with pretty much all the instructions you need for using the application in the form of listed items.

sync to do list


Because Wunderlist doesn’t have a tagging/keyword feature, you’ll probably want to set up folders or categories for the various topical items you will create, e.g. home, office, shopping, recreation.

sync to do list

Features and How-tos

sync windows mac

  • New items you create automatically get saved, but you do need to press the return key order to commit a new item to your list.
  • To set a date for an item, click the tiny clock icon in the task field to access a pop-up calendar.

    sync windows mac

  • You can drag and re-order items and as well copy them from one folder/category to another.
  • And you might not realize it at first, but you click the box on the left side of an item for when it’s done. Also, you simply double-click on an item to edit it.

    Wunderlist Syncs Your To-Do Lists Across Windows PC and Mac filteringfeatures

  • Wunderlist has a handy menu bar at the bottom for filtering items. While you can”˜t create sub-folders or tag items with keywords, the filtering features are probably all that most users will need to track items for by date””e.g. today, tomorrow, next 7 days and undefined due dates.
  • Wunderlist can be customized with one of nine different backgrounds from Plane Jane black to a festive purple look.

    sync windows mac

  • Lastly, you can easily synchronize your list between devices and the soon-to-be released iPhone app. There’s no indication as of this writing if the app will also be free.

sync todo mac


Wunderlist is a beta application, so no doubt other features will be added in future updates. It would be great for example if items could be added to Wunderlist from within any application, as well as from the menu bar of your desktop. It would also be useful for example when a task involves a particular application, file, or website, that files could be linked to and launched from within the application. In addition, being able to color code tasks would be another useful organizing feature. Wunderlist certainly doesn’t need to be weighted down with lots more buttons and panels, but I’m sure the developers are open to suggestions for what would make the application useful from different types of users.

If you”˜re not already using a task management tool, Wunderlist is certainly worth trying. Its design and simplicity might very well cause you to switch from a more complicated program you’re currently using.

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Also, if you have a favorite task management application, let us know about it.

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