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sync music media playerAs promised in the first part Instinctiv - An Alternative Music Player For The Mac Instinctiv - An Alternative Music Player For The Mac Read More of our discussion about [NO LONGER WORKS] Instinctiv, this second part will discuss the ability of this still-beta app to sync Mac users’ music library to other media player devices.

This might be a dream come true to all Mac users who also use other non-Apple gadgets and want a free and convenient way to put their music on those MP3 players and gadgets. All other alternatives so far are either deceased, too difficult, or not free.

So is it OK to set our hopes high on this one? We shall see.

Creating The Playlist

Instinctiv allows users to do music synchronization from one or more iTunes playlists to virtually any mountable device – from a USB thumb drive to any mobile phone, as long as your Mac can read them as storage.

Since Instinctiv is only making use of your existing iTunes playlist – and not creating their own, the first thing that you would want to do is to create a specific iTunes playlist for your devices.


To create the playlist, open iTunes and click the plus button below the Cover Art display at the bottom left of iTunes window or use “File – New Playlist” menu (Command + N).

sync music media player

Then select all the songs you want to put into the playlist then drag them all in.

sync music media player

Instinctiv does not support Smart Playlists (yet), so if you want to sync songs from those smarties, you have to copy their content to ordinary playlists and sync from there.

You can create as many playlists as you want for your devices. But please note that if you create your playlists in iTunes while Instinctiv is opened, you have to restart the app before the new playlists appear in the sync list.

Just Sync Along

After the playlists are ready, you can plug in the device, and fire up Instinctiv. Click on the “Sync” icon and you can see the list of the device(s).

how to sync your music to itunes

Click on the device to explore the available playlists. There’s a storage indicator bar above to visually show you the estimated remaining space for your music.

how to sync your music to itunes

To add any of these playlists to the synchronization list, all you have to do is to check the boxes next to the playlists. The storage bar will adjust itself based on what you check. Pay attention to the number of songs inside each playlist to estimate how many more playlists you can add.

The last step of the process is clicking the Sync button at the bottom right of Instinctiv’s window. Then the sync process will be displayed on a progress bar.

how to sync your music to itunes

Another thing worth noting is, since Instinctiv syncs by playlist, be sure to keep your playlists small enough. You can’t sync only part of a big playlist, but you can choose which ones of the several smaller playlists to be synced.

The result of the synchronization process is one folder called “Instinctiv” inside your device. There are two sub folders inside it: “playlists” and “songs“. If you want to play the songs on the device, be sure to point your media player to the “songs” folder.

15 Synchronized Device.jpg

You could change the content of the playlists on iTunes, add more playlists or delete some. The next time you sync your music with your media player device(s) using Instinctiv, the content of those playlists will be adjusted accordingly.

The Fat Lady Hasn’t Synced

By the look of the version number (v 0.9.3 at the time of writing), Instinctiv still has a very long way to go. For example, the developer has already planned Windows and Linux versions, while fixing bugs on the Mac version along the way.

Other than the shuffle problems discussed in the previous article, I think Instinctiv is an OK application. In general, things seems to fall into their places. But if I may suggest one thing to the developer, it would be fixing the color problem. In some parts of the interface (like in the progress bar), the display is hard to read.

All that’s left to do is to wait and see whether this baby will grow into a beauty or a beast (or both).

Have you tried Instinctiv? What’s your opinion on this app? Do you know other alternatives?  Please share using the comments below.

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