How To Sync Multiple Google Calendars To Windows 8

google calendar windows 8   How To Sync Multiple Google Calendars To Windows 8A decent calendar service is indispensable. No matter what alternative I tried using – Windows Live, iCloud – I’ve always turned back to Google Calendar.

By and large, my use of Google Calendar goes without issues or complaints. It’s easy to use, and widely supported. Even most (desktop and mobile) operating systems now provide out-of-the-box support. However, for some unknown reason, synchronising multiple calendars has always been at least a bit tricky to set up. It’s no different for Windows 8.

The default calendar application on Windows 8 looks great, and it takes only a minute to add and sync it with your Google Calendar account. The only problem is that by default only your primary calendar will show up – a problem, to say the least. Below, we’ll show you how to synchronise the Windows 8 Calendar application to as many calendars from your Google Calendar account as you want.

1. Add Your Google Account

You probably already have connected your Google (Calendar) account to Windows 8, either in the Calendar, or in another application. If not, we’ll do so now.

Open the default Calendar application, and go to the application settings using the Windows Charm Bar. You can open the Charm Bar by pressing Win+C, or by placing your mouse cursor in the down right corner of your screen, and moving it upwards.

windows 8 calendar account   How To Sync Multiple Google Calendars To Windows 8

In the settings pane, go to Accounts, and select ‘Add an account’. Select Google as the account type (as seen in the screenshot above) and enter your credentials. The Calendar app will now start synchronising your main Google calendar to your computer.

2. Change Your User Agent To iOS

A user-agent switcher fools a website into thinking you’re using a different operating browser (or system) than you actually are. In this case, we want to appear as though we’re using a browser on an iOS device (the iPhone or iPad).

user agent switcher chrome   How To Sync Multiple Google Calendars To Windows 8

Install a user-agent switcher add-on for your browser. You can use the aptly named User-Agent Switcher extension for Google Chrome (pictured above), or User Agent Switcher add-on for Mozilla Firefox. After installing, use the extension or add-on to temporarily change the user agent of your browser to that of the iPhone or iPad.

3. Temporarily Disable JavaScript

Next, we’re going to (temporarily) disable JavaScript. Using Google Chrome, go to Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Privacy -> Content Settings, and select ‘Do not allow any site to run JavaScript‘ (shown below).

chrome disable javascript   How To Sync Multiple Google Calendars To Windows 8

Alternatively, in Mozilla Firefox, go to Options -> Content and uncheck the ‘enable JavaScript‘ checkbox.

 4. Change Your Google Sync Settings

After changing your user agent and disabling JavaScript as detailed above, point your browser to

google sync windows   How To Sync Multiple Google Calendars To Windows 8

You should be able to see all devices that are set up to synchronise with your Google account. Windows 8 should be included in this list, but is called ‘WindowsMail’. Click to open.

google sync true   How To Sync Multiple Google Calendars To Windows 8

By default, hardly any settings are visible. Go to the address bar in your browser. At the very end of the URL, change &supportMultiCalendars=false to &supportMultiCalendars=true and press enter. Now, you can see all the calendars associated with your Google Calendar account. Tick off the checkboxes next to the calendars you want to synchronise with the Windows 8 Calendar, and press Save.

5. Revert Your User Agent & JavaScript Settings

Don’t forget to change your user agent back to default (using the same extension or add-on) and reenable JavaScript as you disabled in step three of this article. The next time the Calendar application syncs with your Google account, the other calendars will appear as well.

Do you use the default Calendar app in Windows 8? Let us know in the comments section below the article!

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Edgar Meixueiro

Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for.

Stefano Vigneri

Great! It worked!

Easton Wiki

Wow thank you so much! I tried to figure out how to get them all for so long!


Strong work! very helpful, genius


You’re the best – awesome workaround!!!


I followed all your instructions and I can get the sign in step so I can select windows live is says sync all your google stuff and so so but nothing else any ideas what to do?

Simon Slangen


Have you properly configured the user-agent browser extension? (Step 3)


Hi Simon,

I added the agent to the google chrome app on windows 8 then I clicked on it and selected the iPad option, them i type but it doesn’t go the sign in option I’m a little familiar with this process due to using it with my iPhone and it works great but I can’t seem to make it work with this laptop, in advance I tank you for your help please let me know if I’m doing something wrong

Thank you

Simon Slangen


Try using instead. I think something changed on Google’s end.

Please confirm if this works for you. Thanks.



it actually worked the only thing different I had to do is add my account as an exchange account other than that every instruction worked great thank you so much you rock buddy!!

Simon Slangen

Hi Chef,

What problems did you encounter trying to add your account as a regular Google account?


This does not seem to work anymore. redirects to a different page now.

Simon Slangen

Thanks Jay and Chef for catching this. The article has been updated with a new link (one that appears work, at least for now).


Can’t thank you enough for this. This is the only method I’ve seen that works now.
Note the javascript has to be re-enabled so you can select the calendar tick boxes. I’m just going try the whole sequence without disabling the javascript so I’ll let you know the result.

Thanks again.


java enable or not enable the process worked great !!


Great that helped thanks!


This worked beautifully. Thanks a lot!

Phil H

You Sir are a lifesaver! Windows 8 was a thorn in my side without being able to see all my gmail calendars.

….. Can you make the crappy hotmail account disappear so I only see my google mail? You know what I mean? In order to set up you gmail account you have to register for a hotmail account and then add gmail afterwards, hence you end up with two blue tabs in the bottom left corner of the mail app within windows 8. All I want is gmail…….??? PLEASE


you could try to set up your microsoft account with your gmail address, that’s what we did.


Thank you, clear to follow and very useful.

Phuvadol T.

This works. Thanks very much for the updated link.


I’m having a problem adding events to my Win 8 calendar and having it update my google calendar. I didn’t do the steps above because I only have 1 google calendar that seems to sync fine with my Win 8 calendar.

If I add an event on my Win 8 calendar, it doesn’t update my google calendar. Is there a 2-way sync available?

Andy Cohen



Instructions weren’t working for me so I kept looking for a solution.

Found: gSync Manager

Installed and had it working in about 30 seconds.

Once installed, make selections from your list of subscribed calendars, hit SAVE button, THEN hit sync. Done.

Pull up Win 8 calendar, it’s all there.

Tina Sieber

Thank you for sharing the solution you came up with!

Simon Slangen

Thanks, CTRaider. That sure simplifies the process!

Link: gSync Manager (free) at the Windows Store.

David Kirsch

There is an app called ‘gsync manager’ that does the same thing, plus a little more and is a LOT easier, thanks for this article tho for getting me to start my windows 8 up into a working machine.


I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I can’t get your steps or the GSync app to work. I know they seem fool-proof, but the only calendar still visible is my main “Gmail” calendar. Might someone be able to help me?

Simon Slangen

Can you tell me where it goes wrong?


I encounter the same problem. I used your way and set everything up but only my regualr google calendar is shown. I tried GSync Manager and there all my other calendars are already activated, but they just won’t show up.
Any idea?


Same problem. I tried both approaches with no luck.


Thanks. it just worked !!


Totally worked! Thanks for the help and great directions!

Bill Hart

I had to uninstall and re-install the calendar app in order for additional google calendars to show. This may help others, YMMV.

Simon Slangen

Thanks for the tip!


This was so very useful. Thank you!

Noel Danger

Thank you!!! It looked like a lot at first, but was very simple! You’re incredible!


Thanks!!! Exactly what I needed… I’ve just did it, and waiting for calendar to sync…


Unbelievable that this is necessary, but thank you for sharing this fix! It worked beautifully.


Thank you so much, I had been looking around for how to do this for so long, and your tutorial finally helped me sync to my phone and Windows 8. I can’t thank you enough for this.


Thank you SO much for this.
You saved me SO much time, effort, and headache. Thank you thank you thank you!!!


Hurray!!! finally my windows 8 calendar is synced. thanks! I had my gmail account connected to it, but didn’t realize I needed to add the google account. synced up in about 3 seconds!


Can you please explain how you did it?
It’s making me crazy.
Adding Google account in Agenda W8 is not possible since 31-01-2013.
Hope you can help me.


This method doesn’t work on RT, because you can’t install Chrome or FF on RT. However, you can use a PC or your mobile phone to configure these settings, and then open the calendar app on your RT device and it will begin syncing with all the calendars you specified.


It doesn’t work for me.
Adding a Google account in Agenda W8 is not possible.
There is a conflict with MS and Google since end january 2013.
Can anyone help me ?

Martin ?ul√°k

Unbelievebably awesome solution, than you! :)

Martin ?ul√°k



Worked brilliantly. Your instructions are very easy to follow. THANK YOU!


Thank you for this. Works like a charm.

john doe

I am one of the few people that likes IE. I used your instructions and their dev console to make things work. This way you don’t have to install another browser or a plugin to that browser. You also don’t need to disable javascript for some reason.

What I did:
1. In IE 10 in the desktop hit F12 to bring up the dev console
2. Under tools, change the user agent string to be Apple Safari (iPad)
3. Navigate to
4. Click into windows mail
5. In the URL you will see ‚ÄėsupportMultiCalendars=false‚Äô, change that to true and refresh the page
6. Select calendars you want to share
7. Restart the calendar application, go into settings ->Options and enable the calendars.

Simon Slangen

Thanks for the tip. :-)