Syme – A New Social Network With Encrypted Groups to Prevent Spying

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The folks at Canada-based social network startup Syme are hoping that enough people are fed up with the NSA-style spying on citizens around the world, and that it will spark a mess exodus off Facebook and Google+ and onto encrypted alternatives.

Syme is precisely that, an ultra-private social network where you can create an encrypted group environment where you can socialize with friends or colleagues inside of an environment that is, according to Syme creators, even hidden from the social network administrators. Further bolstering the claim of ultimate privacy is a message that pops up when you enter your password for the first time, that it won’t be possible for Syme to reset your password at any point, so remembering it is critical.

Once you first log into Syme, you’ll have an opportunity to create your first encrypted group by inviting a list of your friends or colleagues via email.


Syme owners and administrators are not able to view any posts, messages or photos that get uploaded to the service. Adding a level of protection from the likes of the NSA or other U.S. government agencies, Syme is actually based in Canada, making it a little more difficult for the U.S. government to strong-arm the service into providing user data.

While Syme offers a user interface that looks and feels like a simplified combination between both Facebook and Google+, it is quite different from those social networks in that you can’t browse for other users or find old friends on the network. It’s intended for invite-only group conversations where privacy and security is important.

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Syme is currently a Chrome extension. This means that all communications between Syme servers and your web browser are encrypted. Syme uses a hybrid, two-level encryption based upon the Stanford JavaScript Crypto Library, an open-source crypto library.

Keep in mind that Syme does still store meta data about communications – meaning, what IP addresses are communicating with each other using the network, when posts are sent and the size of files uploaded to and from the network. Nevertheless, the privacy and encryption of Syme far exceeds the likes of Facebook and Google +, so it promises to become an important alternative to privacy-conscious users.

Get Syme for Chrome.

Source: Syme via PC World

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