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Lighting is an extremely important factor in photography. Normally beginners make lighting mistakes and end up with undesirable results. Sylights is a unique tool that helps experienced photographers share their lighting suggestions with inexperienced photographers.

Sylights is a free to use web service. It helps people illustrate the position they place the object in a photograph. This is done by letting visitors create a diagram of their photo’s setup. Through this technique, people create diagrams that show how to get the best lighting effect. You start with your diagram by specifying the dimensions of the area, in meters. You can choose to display a grid that will aid you in placing items accurately.

create lighting diagrams

Next you move the canvas and right-click to select an object to be placed. You can place people, reflectors, strobes, umbrellas, etc. A top-down view is set that makes it easy to view all added objects.

lighting diagram maker

The final result is an excellent diagram that displays how the photographer got a good lighting effect for his photograph.



  • Online lighting diagram maker.
  • A user friendly website.
  • Helps people create lighting diagrams of the pictures they take.
  • Lets you specify the dimensions of the area being used in the photograph.
  • Provides a number of lighting-related objects that can be inserted in the diagram.
  • A top-down view is used to make everything clear and visible.
  • The created diagrams are saved for 24 hours.
  • Created diagrams can be shared through their generated permalink.
  • You can download your diagram in PNG image format.
  • Similar tools: ShotAddict, LightingDiagrams and Strobox.

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