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Most people read online reviews before making a purchase, whether its a new iPhone, car, music album or a book. If you plan to make a purchase but want read and compare reviews first, check out Swotti. It is a useful search tool that allows you to quickly find product reviews and opinions for almost everything (gadgeds, books, destinations, music etc), with over 20 categories on the site. Whether you want to get consumer feedback on Apple’s iPhone, one of Dell’s new monitors or even a Ford Focus car, Swotti can help you find this information fast. It searches over 3 million reviews, ranging from 1-2 sentence opinions to several page long articles.

Swotti - Search product opinions and reviews

One of the best Swotti features is that it pulls information from external sources and not from one centralized database. Therefore, it’s almost impossible to manipulate it. For every product or service you can browse reviews by best, worst or latest, view product photos and videos and browse related items or brands. You can view rating for every product’s distinct features. For example, it if it is a gadget (e.g. iPad) you can view its ratings for design, usability, battery life or keyboard etc or if it is car, view ratings for its driving, safety, performance and other related metrics and so forth depending on the product category.

Swotti - Product Reviews Demo


  • Review for over 3 million products from various categories (cars, gadgets, music, books, destinations etc)
  • Browse reviews by category or search with keywords
  • View product photos and videos
  • View product feature ratings (usability, price, performance etc)
  • View most popular, top rated items from each category
  • Filter reviews by rating and category/type
  • Browse related products by tag and brand
  • Available in English and Spanish

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