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Health conscious individuals will always have the urge to diet, but it can also be a gruelling process especially if you do not have a set plan. What we need is a tool to tell us what to eat exactly and not think about having a meal plan everyday. This is where Swole comes into play. Swole generates a diet plan for you based on your calorie targets and set meals in a day.

daily diet plans

To create your diet plan with Swole, just fill up your target number of calories and choose the number of meals in a day for your calorie goals. Swole will then generate a list of meals that you can follow to meet your calorie targets. Before generating the diet plan, Swole lets you set your meal options. For example, if you want to have a large breakfast, or eat a post-workout meal, you can set it in the generator options for the program to take into account. You can also add your macronutrient proportions, allowing you to set the kind of meals you will be eating.

Swole also lets you choose the specific food that you want to include in your generated diet plan. And once the diet plan is set, you can still edit each item to your liking.

Swole is a nice tool for automating diet plans while allowing enough customization so you can have a personalized diet plan that will work for you.


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