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Switchmaps is a nifty web tool lets you embed switchable maps onto your website. Embedded maps can be easily changed from the usual Google Maps to Street View, Google Earth, Bing Maps, Open Street Map, or Yahoo Maps.

add maps to your website

To embed a map on your site, set the location that you want to display by navigating to the map in the Switchmaps website. Then, drop the red marker to the place. Then set your display preferences such as the map layers that can be viewed, map options, Google Earth options, and Street View options. Finally, click the update button and the site will generate an embed code and a full page link code for your website.

This application is very useful if you want to embed a multi-layered web map to your site. It also includes nifty features such as disabling annoying map ads and adding a search bar to the map for easier navigation.


  • Embed a switchable web map on your website.
  • Change the map view from Google Maps to Street View, Google Earth, Bing Maps, Open Street View or Yahoo Maps.
  • Navigate to the place you want to display using coordinates.
  • Choose which map providers can only be displayed.
  • Generates full page link code.
  • Customize the maps’ features.
  • Disable map ads.
  • Add a search bar to the map.

Check out Switchmap @


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