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Google has launched a small new feature for Gmail which is going to make a lot of people very happy. If you’re not a fan of the Gmail icon buttons, which are part of the Gmail’s new look, you can now have your text buttons back in seconds.

Gmail’s new look was launched in November Gmail's New Look Is Finally Here, Now Available To Everyone [News] Gmail's New Look Is Finally Here, Now Available To Everyone [News] After giving us a preview several months ago, Gmail is now launching its brand new look and will automatically update all accounts soon. The new look is keeping up with other Google+ themed changes that... Read More , and among other changes such as thumbnails in conversations, new themes and a general look which resembles Google+, Google also substituted all the text buttons for icons. This change caused a bout of negative feedback from users, and as a result, Google has decided to give users the option to choose what their Gmail buttons look like.

So how do you make that happen? All you have to do is click on the cog button, choose “Settings”, and go to the the General tab. Scroll down to find the “Button labels” setting, and change it from icons to text.

Save the settings, and go back to your inbox. Your buttons should all be back to their original text form. Note that if you’re using a Google Apps account, you may not see this option yet. As things tend to roll out to Google Apps accounts in a slower pace, the setting will probably appear within the next several days/weeks.


What do you think of icon buttons? Do you love them, or are you already rushing to change them back into text?

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