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The new version of SwiftKey comes armed with SwiftKey Flow, a swipe-to-type feature that is supported with a more intelligent word prediction engine. Gesture based typing solutions are all the rage, and that has been the selling feature on most alternative Android keyboards. Headlining the arrival of version 4, SwiftKey Flow promises to accurately predict what you are going to type next.

SwiftKey Flow was actually introduced as a beta back in October last year. The idea behind the design was to make it easier to type by combining the traditional tapping with gliding your fingers across the keyboard – ‘flowing’ as SwiftKey would like to call it. The advanced prediction engine also comes into play by guessing what you are going to type next, so that you don’t have to type complete words. SwiftKey 4 seamlessly allows you to choose between tapping, flowing and choosing words. With the innovative ‘Flow Through Space’ feature, you don’t even have to take your fingers off the keyboard. You can insert words by sliding your finger down to the space bar between words and text-prediction does the rest.

SwiftKey has tweaked its error correction, Smart Space, and also heat maps how you interact with the touchscreen to make it work more powerfully. Language support has been extended to 60 languages. SwiftKey is also celebrating the launch with special offers. Check out the source link below and come back to tell us about your first impressions.

Source: SwiftKey Blog

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