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Do you whine every time you can’t play a flash game because it lags too much? Classic games like Pacman and Desktop Tower Defense offer great entertainment if it wasn’t for the sluggish Flash that drives them. If you can’t stop playing these flash games, then you should try Swiffout. This Chrome extension lets you play any Flash game in full screen and scales them up to the best resolution that your computer can handle.

play flash games in full screen

Swiffout offers the best browser-based flash gaming by providing a lag-free and full-screen experience. Once installed from the Chrome extensions gallery, just go to your favorite Flash game website to start playing. Elements that are not part of the flash content will be hidden so that only the game will show up. Swiffout then detects your monitor’s resolution and adjusts the output quality of Flash content to speed the game up.

Swiffout also allows you to save your favorite game as a separate shortcut. You can put these shortcuts on your desktop for quick access to the full-screen mode as provided by Swiffout.


  • Chrome extension to convert any flash-game to fullscreen games.
  • Create shortcuts for quick access to your games.
  • Adjusts resolution for lag-free gameplay.
  • Works for most flash games.

Check out Swiffout @


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  1. Emmanuel
    March 11, 2011 at 9:44 am

    Hello, thanks for the article. SwiffOut was confidential for long it's great to see more people actually like it now ;) I wanted to add that SwiffOut also exists as a Firefox and an IE extension.

    The Firefox version is here :
    The IE version is available from

    You can also visit to get more infos about it