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If you are a web designer, you will know how important colors are when it comes to designing a website. And choosing the right color combination isn’t easy. SwatchSpot is a simple and useful online tool that can help you with that. It generates random color swatches so that you can check the combination and see if the colors look good together.

The tool doesn’t require you to sign up and it lets you shuffle the colors on one click. Also you could quickly download a color palette in PNG format to your computer.

color swatch generator

As you see in the above screenshot, each color has the corresponding HTML code mentioned on it. There’s also a lock icon below each of them. This helps you to lock a particular color in the combo and shuffle the rest of them.


  • Random color generator online.
  • No registration required.
  • Shuffle the colors one at a time or at one go.
  • Download the palette in PNG format.
  • Similar: ColorSuckr, Pic2Color, Color Palette Generator and Color Combos.

Check out SwatchSpot @


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