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Swarmly is an iOS app that gives you an instant answer to the question – where should I go? It shows you the hottest places near you (clubs, bars, restaurants etc) in real time based on the number people currently visiting a particular location. It gives you a real-time map view of busiest places, coloured in green, red and blue. Green stands for good, red is bad and blue is neutral.

Tap on a place to view its tags, read comments. You can contribute to a buzz of the place by turning ON the “Pollinate” function (in app’s settings) while you are there, or sharing it on Twitter or Facebook. “Local Buzz” shows you the leaderboard of nearby buzzing places (swarms). The app is totally free and requires no registration to start using it.

Swarmly: Finds the Hottest Places Near You in Real Time [iOS] 14

Swarmly: Finds the Hottest Places Near You in Real Time [iOS] 23


  • Quickly find the most popular and busiest places near you in real time.
  • Tag and share places (swarms) with friends on Facebook or Twitter.
  • View trending local tags  – #reasonableprices, #partytime etc.
  • View popular (buzzing) venues. Sort by category – Education, entertainment etc.
  • Promote your venue.
  • Free iOS app. No registration needed.
  • Similar tools@: AroundMe, StreetFlow, OpenSignalMaps and Buncha Maps.

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