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Do you have spare things to trade? Or would you like to barter the stuff you have for things you like? Then you should check out Swap Market. This website allows you to post almost any item that you want to trade from books and collectibles, to daily deals, toys, and gadgets.

trade stuff for stuff

Each user profile in Swap Market includes “items I have” and “items I want”.  Your friends can look at your profile and view what you want, and if they happen to have the thing you want, you can send a message to start swapping. You can also search or browse for items, where you can check out the most recently added items, or sort by items closest to your location.

The best experiences I have with Swap Market are when I am browsing through the items that other people have put up. It is interesting to look at the huge variety of things that are willing to be traded, therefore there is a suckingly-addictive element to it. From the most boring to the most eclectic items, you will surely find a lot here. Swap Market also allows transactions in cash with the caveat that the website does not have the functionality for cash transactions, since this website is all about bartering stuff.

Indeed, Swap Market is a great online portal for bargain hunters, giving us a nice way to own stuff that we only want while sending out stuff we once loved but don’t need anymore.


  • Swap/trade/barter items.
  • Users can add available items, and items they want.
  • Browse through several categories.
  • Sort by location or most recent addition.
  • Similar site: EcoFreek.

Check out Swap Market @

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