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fashion tumblrI jumped on Svpply about a week ago, and every day since then I’ve spent about an hour on this website. Picture blogging has really taken off online. Websites like Tumblr and Pinterest are huge, especially for those of us in our late teens and early 20s. Svpply takes reblogging elements of Tumblr, mixes them with the feed of Facebook, and keeps relevant backlinks intact the way Pinterest would, all in one stylish experience.

You can sign up for Svpply by linking directly to your Facebook account. Doing so will connect the Facebook app to your account and allow Svpply to interact with your Timeline. It won’t spam your Facebook, as it only shows on the Activity section of your Timeline, and on the feed on your Home page.

The way Svpply works is really simple. If you’re a user who regularly browses the web and drools over clothing or accessories that you can’t buy for yourself or your home, you can help contribute to Svpply by using their bookmarklet to essentially “pin” an item, as you would on Pinterest. If you’re more interested in simply browsing the more-than-a-million products that already exist on Svpply, clicking on “Shop” in the header will allow you to do just that.

fashion tumblr

As you can see here, Svpply indexes not only clothing, but artwork, books, music, movies, accessories (like watches and headphones), stylish home appliances, and more.

There are three ways to categorize your findings on Svpply: you can “want” the item (the equivalent of a Like on Facebook), “collect” the item (which is adding the item to a specific list of items you’re keeping for collaboration with other users), or “mark as owned”.

tumblr girls fashion

Any item that you perform an action on can be found in your own personal profile, which shows everything you’ve liked, collected, or own. As it stands, there is no way to have a private profile on the network, so if you’re a guy who happens to love Hello Kitty and you don’t want everyone in the world knowing about it then take heed.

Within your own profile (which can be accessed by the “You” link across the top navigation), you’re also able to sort your items by category, gender, and price.

tumblr girls fashion

That functionality really transforms your profile into a wishlist for yourself. Clicking on a product, from your profile or any other page, will bring up a zoomed-in view of the item and will also show you what store it’s from, the statistics on the network for that product (total wants, etc), a comment box, and it’ll also offer a link to where you can go to buy the product.

Let me be the first to warn you that the majority of Svpply is higher-end, pricey material. I wouldn’t be browsing with a full pocket on any given day.

tumblr girls fashion

As your lists grow, Svpply seems to do a really good job of matching your interests to other items and users. When you’ve put your tastes out there, you can use the Find People feature to put yourself on to users with similar interests. From there, maybe you can steal some swag from other members. It’s a full social networking site.

fashion tumblr

Another useful feature is being able to individually follow certain stores. Upon doing so, you’ll know right when new items hit Svpply. Features like this really give Svpply the potential to take off as a huge earner when it comes to affiliate-based commissions, and when a website is making money it tends to lead to great success. The future looks pretty bright for Svpply.

As well as being one of the hottest new sites to dig into clothing and other gear, Svpply is also a good way to daydream and spend some spare time. The web has gone social and Svpply puts a great spin on social shopping.

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If you’re a big shopper or browser, Svpply is a site you’ve got to look into. Let me know what you think of the network in the comments!

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