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If you found a new job 50 Ways To Get A Job 50 Ways To Get A Job Are you stuck in the vicious circle of a job hunt -- searching for the right job, going for interviews, not making the cut and feeling miserable, then starting all over again? Read More , congratulations! But being the newbie is rough. You get teased. Your boss thinks you know nothing. You probably won’t make any new friends for a week. Unless you’re outgoing and attractive — that’s a different story. But if you’re reading, I’m guessing you need the advice.

There are a few crucial items you’ll need to bring along with you to your first day at work. Never forget loose change. You don’t want to be found standing in front of a vending machine rummaging through your pockets or purse for coins. Wake up early and make yourself something to eat — it’ll help you think better. Put on your smartest attire. Check the weather forecast WeatherBug - Even Better Than The Weather Channel [Android] WeatherBug - Even Better Than The Weather Channel [Android] Up until about a week ago, I only knew of two legitimate weather sources: The Weather Channel and AccuWeather. Both of these services have apps on Android that provide information on the weather. Imagine my... Read More — you wouldn’t want to be stuck in the rain without an umbrella.

Leave for work early. This is especially true if you rely on public transport. You dont want to be late for your first day of work. Read through this infograph by Chair Office more recommendations.

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