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Ever since Facebook’s famous purchase of Instagram, we’ve been waiting and wondering how this will affect Instagram. This week, Instagram rolled out a new update for Android and iPhone, which finally gives us an answer: tighter Facebook integration.

While this might not be the end of it, this new integration lets you share Instagram photos you like on Facebook, and have your photos shared when they are liked in turn. The update also includes a replacement for the “Popular” tab and and refreshed comments.

So what does this new Facebook integration mean? You can now access your sharing preferences in Instagram through Profile –> Sharing settings –> Facebook, and choose to share your likes on Facebook. Note that even if you don’t enable this option, your photos can still be shared on Facebook by others who did enable it, and there’s currently no way to prevent that from happening. To make a long story short, it’s probably better not to post to Instagram things you don’t want to end up on other people’s Facebook profiles.

In addition, Instagram has replaced the “Popular” tab with a new “Explore” tab. The basic functions have stayed the same – you get a grid of popular Instagram images – but you can now also search for users or tags directly from this tab.


The update also includes some bug fixes for comments which take care of loading issues that previously affected some users. The main event, however, is no doubt the Facebook sharing option. What do you think of it?

Download: Instagram 1.1.4 on Google Play, Instagram 2.5 on iTunes

Source: Instagram

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