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If you are among the early adopters of the new Google+, you’ll be pleased to know that there are already developers who are working on tools to add to its experience. One example is Surplus, a Google Chrome extension that brings Google+ natively to your browser. This extension will allow you to easily access your notifications as well as create new posts from any website, so that you don’t have to go to the website’s domain.

chrome extension for google

Once you have installed Surplus, an extension button will appear beside your Chrome’s omnibar. If you are logged into your Google+ account, just click the addon button, which will cause a popup box to appear. From there you can share new items to your account, or read and comment on your notifications. You may also enable desktop notifications, or activate notification sounds to get the latest updates from your feed.


  • Access your Google+ notifications from your Chrome browser.
  • Read and comment on the posts within your Google+ account.
  • Share new items to your Google+ account from any website.
  • Option to enable desktop notifications with sounds.
  • Automatically adds current web page to the share box.
  • Switch between multiple Google+ accounts.
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