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There are plenty of tools on the web for taking screenshots easily. That makes it challenging for a developer to make theirs stand above the crowd. There needs to be a really compelling feature for users to take notice, and Surfmark certainly has such a feature. Not only does it make taking screenshots easy, it allows you to add notes and notations quickly and easily and build your own information center with shots of the web.

firefox add notes to pages

To get started you will have to download the Firefox addon and set up a free account. One you click the “Start Saving” button it will start recording the webpages you visit and the notes and drawings you take. This offers a much deeper way to take screenshots because you can leave all kinds of useful notes and information on them for the people who see them.


Surfmark is designed to be more than a just place to take screenshots for blog posts. It is actually more akin to Evernote than a standard screenshot app. It offers the ability to organize all the shots into a knowledge base that you can do whatever you want with.


  • Take screenshots of any website in Firefox.
  • Add notes to shots you take.
  • Draw and highlight sections of screenshots.
  • Organize screenshots into a deep knowledge base.
  • Share on social networks.
  • Similar tool: Surfmark,

Find Surfmark on the Firefox Addon Store

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