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With the success of Flipboard as a reading experience for the iPad, many people seem to like the minimalist approach to reading websites rather than load the website’s full version. The touch interface calls for a new look to webpages that is different from what is seen on desktop browsers. Surfboard is a cool web app that does exactly this. It converts any website into a flippable format optimized for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

optimized for iphone

To start, just go to the homepage and enter the URL of your website or click a link from a list of websites. Surfboard will instantly convert the website into a white, flippable, newspaper-like format where all content is laid out nicely. You can swipe with your fingers to switch pages. If you are using Safari, you can also use the arrow keys or your glass trackpad to switch pages. The flip action is not as fast as native apps, but it is a great first step for utilizing the mobile browser’s GPU acceleration.

You can also automatically redirect iOS users to a SurfBoard version of your website by adding a simple JavaScript snippet in your HTML header.

Surfboard is only available for browsers that supports GPU acceleration, like desktop Safari, and Safari on iOS devices, but you can also try to enable GPU acceleration in Firefox and Chrome to use the app.


  • Optimize your site for iPad, iPhone & iPod
  • Free; no sign-up required.
  • Works with Safari for iOS and desktop.
  • Flip pages using the arrow keyboard button or trackpad.
  • Swipe with your fingers to flip on your iOS devices.
  • Insert Javascript snippet to redirect mobile visitors to your website.
  • Similar Tools: Flipboard and Google Reader Play.

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