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supr-logo is a new URL shortener service created by the popular StumbleUpon team. In fact, is more than just a URL shortener. It is also a one-stop hub for you to share and promote your content on Twitter, Facebook and StumbleUpon instantly. is currently in private Beta mode. If you like to test drive the service, you must first have a StumbleUpon account, then follow the official SU twitter account and wait for them to release the beta code. I was lucky to receive the beta code the moment I followed SU, but I have seen others waited 5 days for the code. Your waiting time could vary. Once you obtained the beta code, simply enter into the input field at the homepage.

At the homepage, you can see a textbox where you can enter your text message and link. Just like Twitter, you are only allowed 140 characters and all links within the text will be shorten with the prefix.

From here, you have several options. You can either:


Is that all about

You bet! That is only the tip of the iceberg. Every post message or link that you submit (or create) via will be tracked and recorded. You can view real time analytic result of your posted items and see how popular it gets. Statistics that you can view include the number of retweets, number of StumbleUpon reviews, number of click through and even traffic source. You can view stats for the past 12 hours, past 7 days, or even past 30 days.



More surprises

Suggested posting time

Based on your submission on and the statistics, will analyze your data and suggest the best time to post your stuff. This should help you to gain more exposure for your submissions.


Promoting your website

If you are looking to gain more traffic for your site, here is a good way to promote your site. By submitting your websites (you can enter up to 3 websites) in the Promote Website field in the Settings page, will analyze your site(s) for the most popular content and promote them via StumbleUpon. bookmarklet is not yet integrated in the StumbleUpon toolbar Stumbleupon Tools To Stumble Around The Web Stumbleupon Tools To Stumble Around The Web Read More . Users who wish to have quick access to services can drag the bookmarklets (located at the bottom of homepage) onto your bookmark bar.

Launching of API key

StumbeUpon has released the API for developers, so we should be able to see more third party apps that integrate with in the near future.

How does StumbleUpon play a part?

Until now, it seems that everything is about and there is no mention of StumbleUpon playing a part in the process. So how does SU play a part in

This is where SU comes in. When your readers/visitors/followers click on your link to reach the destination page, a StumbleUpon toolbar will show up on top of the page. If the page is not yet submitted to SU, a Discover button will be available for the user to submit to SU, else a thumb up/down button will show. This is very similar to the Digg bar, except that it is more user-friendly and maintains the usual high standard of the SU toolbar.


What is lacking at the moment?

There are several functions that are clearly missing in right now. The inability to post tweet to multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts, inability to edit scheduled post (except for deletion), inability to post to Facebook page/group, not integrating into StumbleUpon toolbar are some of the features that are missing and are highly requested by the community.

Noting that this is still a beta version, I am confident that the StumbleUpon team will get all this ironed out in the final release.

Meanwhile, if you have not tried, do follow Stumbleupon (on Twitter) and grab the invitation code now.

So what do you think? Thumbs up or down? Let us know in the comments!

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