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Support Details is a website which instantly provides technical details about any system. It runs different tests on the user’s machine to gather data about the operating system and internet browser. It lists details such as the operating system in use, the screen resolution, IP address and color depth. You can use this tool to obtain detailed system information from computers of non techie users who are not able to provide it themselves.

system information

Apart from system information, it also gives you details about the web browser such as the browser size, whether JavaScript and cookies are enabled or disabled, and the Flash version in use.

The best part is that you can copy each of the details as text, if need be. Once the data is gathered, users can quickly send this information to an e-mail address, or they can export the report as a PDF or CSV file.


  • Easily gather technical data about a system like the operating system, interent browser settings, color depth, etc.
  • Copy each detail as text.
  • Export the gathered data as a PDF or CSV file.
  • Quickly send the details to a friend via e-mail.
  • Free for use, no registration required.

Check out Support Details @


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