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505HeadI showed you a cool website last week that lets you superimpose your face in the place of someone else’s on fake magazine covers. Some of you wrote in asking how you could do the same thing with other magazines or even pieces of art.

Now I have found a website that will let you do just that! Check out Photo505 .

Once you get there you will see what we are talking about. After all a picture is worth a thousand words right? There are lots of pictures on the home page. Each of these images is a template. Your picture can replace the one shown in each template. In other words you will be putting yourself (or someone else) into the picture”¦

So upon arrival you will see a screen similar to this:


Each of those pictures has the same person’s face imbedded into it. Now the site lets you upload an image and superimpose your face over the one that is there.  Are you following me? Let me show you how it works. Simply select one of the squares with a picture in it.


I choose the Andy Warhol-like tomato soupesque shot and was ready to rock and roll. After selecting your template you will need a image to upload. I suggest cutting up a digital picture of yourself and saving it as a PNG 8 or another small format meant for the web.

Hit that big orange browse button and if you want to show your finished image to the world do not uncheck the show my photo in gallery button. On the other hand if you are a fugitive from the law or are in hiding, UNCHECK this box to NOT make your image PUBLIC. If you are unsure of what you want UNCHECK the box just to be on the safe side.


I browsed on over to my picture. This is what I used:


Photo505 worked for a minute and then spit back my compiled new image. This is what I got back:


How cool is that? And very simple too! When it is done you will get links to socialize your link, save it to your local machine and hotlink as well as direct links so you can plaster your new found favorite image every where!


I was hooked. So now how about a Grand Theft Auto wanted poster with my face on it? Well that is what I tried next. Lets go and have a looksie at what that produced:


Are you loving this yet? I am so I continued on”¦ next up was Russian President Medvedev. How would I look when I superimpose my face on his picture? Well guess what – we are going to find out shortly!

This one had me select my face from my image with a picking tool. I sesized it by moving the arrow into the bottom right corner and dragging. Once I was done I continued on”¦


Then the web site spit back my image:


Not the best one but very funny! Check out 505Photo for your own private photo placing web site.

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  1. Mali
    November 3, 2009 at 2:20 pm

    Thanks for this site. I enjoy looking at our website to get the cool info!

  2. John L
    September 16, 2009 at 6:23 pm

    Nice feature but a duff link. As already pointed out you have linked to expired domain that is incorrect. It should be .

  3. Nunya
    September 15, 2009 at 8:14 am

    At the bottom link you put 505photo instead of photo505, both for the text and the link.

  4. drcypher
    September 15, 2009 at 9:36 am

    here is another site that does similar thing:

  5. Ali Qayyum
    September 15, 2009 at 9:12 am

    article. but i found many more picture tools

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