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Most comic book fans have a comic book idea of their own. If you are such a fan then the internet has countless resources that will help you. The Superhero Squad’s “Create Your Own Comic” is one online tool that will do a competent job of creating your own comic strip or book.

create your own comic books

The Superhero Squad’s “Create Your Own Comic” is a free web tool that can be used by anyone without registering for an account. You start by choosing whether you will be creating a comic strip or book. Next you select the layout. Finally you enter the backgrounds, characters, objects, and dialogues into your strips.

You are provided with a rich list of characters and objects to choose from. The ability to move them around, resize them, and bring them in the foreground or background will greatly help in creating the comic you have in mind. When you are done creating the strip or book, you can download it to your computer as a PDF file.


  • A user friendly service.
  • Helps you create comic strips and comic books.
  • Provides a rich list of characters and objects to choose from.
  • Objects can be repositioned and resized.
  • The final results can be downloaded as a PDF file.
  • Similar tools: Pixton, BitStrips, Dilbert, Comiqs, ToonDoo, StripGenerator, ComicMaster and MakeBeliefsComix.

Check out The Superhero Squad’s Create Your Own Comic @


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