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Most people use one password for all their online website accounts which is of course easy and convenient because you just have to remember one password that will work for everything. But using one password means you only have one chance, if a hacker or cracker leeches your “˜universal’ password he’ll gain access to each and every account you own online and at that stage you’ll be standing in the middle of nowhere.

You also cannot use different passwords for every other website account and store the passwords on your computer; this is highly impractical as your hard disk is vulnerable to theft and spyware. To secure you from password theft or remembering dozens of passwords SuperGenPass a browser based password manager offers alternative solution.

SuperGenPass doesn’t save your passwords on your hard disk or somewhere online – instead this nifty bookmarklet uses a universal/master password to generate many complex passwords for different website accounts. You don’t have to carry the software around, in order to remember passwords just install SuperGenPass on any computer and gain access to all your online passwords right away.

browser password manager

browser password manager


  • Doesn’t save your password anywhere thus it’s the safest way to manage passwords.
  • Easy to install bookmarklet which can be accessed anywhere.
  • Uses base-64 MD5 Algorithm to generate passwords.
  • You just have to remember one master password.
  • Can be used on smart phones.
  • Similar tools: PassPack, Mitto, MashedLife and RandomKeyGen.

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  1. MOin
    April 25, 2010 at 8:09 am

    Hi Tintent,
    Superpassgen is a simple bookmarklet which helps you create many passwords with one master password. That one master password can generate same complex password for the same URL if you try it on another computer. Also it uses base-64 MD5 Algorithm to generate passwords every time which is pretty robust. Simply Superpassgen wont save your passwords anywhere instead each and everytime generate passwords from one master password if you try it on some new computer.

    On the other hand LastPass works like any other password manager it encrypts and save passwords on a server then you can sync them across different browsers.

  2. Tintent
    April 24, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    Can you give an indication of how this compares to LastPass (

    I've been using LastPass for a while and I'm fairly happy with it. It keeps you passwords, encrypted, online. It sounds fairly similar in this regard. I use it on my home PC using a Firefox or Chrome plugin. There are also (paid for) mobile apps and a "Password Vault" available through their website. This is handy for those insecure computers or at work where I can't install anything.

    At first glance, it looks like I can more or less access my passwords anytime I need using SuperGenPass, although it doesn't look as slick as LastPass (Totally free though!).

    I would appreciate comments on browser integration and automatic sign on. I think this is a great feature of LastPass and would be a deal breaker if it was not there.

    Has anyone used both for a more complete comparison?