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Have you ever wanted your life to be a video game? Well that is impossible, but you can apply some game-like principles to your life with the help of SuperBetter. It uses goals and achievements that are very similar to those of video games to help you improve your life. If you need a little extra motivation to make yourself better, this is the app for you.


The best way to think of this app is like an RPG video game. Instead of an avatar, you are the character in the game. The app will let you choose from all kinds of overarching tasks, each filled with quests. These quests are all designed to lead to improving yourself and being happier and healthier.


As you complete quests, you will level up, and hopefully be a better person. The app is well executed, and it looks quite nice. It is simple to navigate and intuitive. The concept behind the app is certainly something different, and could prove to be a fun way for people to make their lives better.


  • Adds video game properties to your real life.
  • Complete quests, earn achievements and level up in real life.
  • Share your accomplishments on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Made by video game developers with help from MDs.

Find SuperBetter on the iTunes App Store

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