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Tired of sluggish apps bogging down your phone and bringing it to a crawl? Who doesn’t want a faster phone with faster apps so we can accomplish our tasks faster, faster, fast? Mobile browsers can sometimes be packed with unnecessary features, resulting in lag and frustration while surfing the web. Super Fast Browser attempts to fix that.

There is, of course, the danger of swinging to the other side of the spectrum. Even if we didn’t want a fat and bloated browser, a barebones browser without any features would be just as frustrating. Super Fast Browser understands this and strives to provide a balanced experience: fast and sleek without sacrificing those wonderful browser features that you’ve come to love and adore.

First Impressions


An upfront confession: I rarely browse the web on my phone. That probably disqualifies me from making any judgments about Android web browsers 7 Browsers That Are Better Than The Native Android Browser 7 Browsers That Are Better Than The Native Android Browser I set out to get a handle on the latest available browsers out there that are better than the native ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) Android browser. Some of the apps that made it to the... Read More , but the reason I don’t browse much is because I have yet to find a browser that works for me. So when I say my first impression of Super Fast Browser is that I wouldn’t mind surfing the web with it, hopefully you get how much that actually means.

What strikes me most about Super Fast Browser is that there are no options to tweak. This is truly an app where the statement “all or nothing” applies because there’s only one package here. If something about it bothers you, your only choices are to deal with it or find another browser.

As it turns out, I like it. There’s a simplicity to Super Fast Browser that makes it easy to use, plus it’s light on the resources. It’s fast, doesn’t seem to suffer from hang-ups as much as the other browsers I’ve used, and it looks pretty good in terms of aesthetics.


Core Features


Does Super Fast Browser deliver on the core features that users expect out of every browser? Let’s see:

  • Favorites. A browser without bookmark functionality is incomplete at best. Super Fast Browser has bookmarks in the form of Favorites, which are easy to add – all you have to do is tap the star in the address bar. However, the actual management of favorites is a bit primitive. It will also detect bookmarks tied to your Google account as well if you have it set up on your Android.
  • Speed dial. When you open a new tab, you’ll be presented with a speed dial for quick access to your favorite websites. Adding a new speed dial option is as simple as tapping the plus button. To edit or delete an existing one, all you have to do is long-press the speed dial entry.
  • Tabs. Browse multiple sites in Super Fast Browser with tabs. Switching between open tabs is easy – just swipe side to side. Or, if that doesn’t suit you, you can always open up the tabs overview with a single tap.
  • Full screen. For those of you with limited screen estate, you can toggle this mode to stretch the browser to fill as much space as possible. It gets rid of the quick search bar at the top and the quick bar at the bottom, but leaves the notification bar visible.
  • HTML5. Though Super Fast Browser claims to support Flash, Flash was officially dropped with Android Jellybean and beyond so it will not work on those versions. The lack of Flash support is something that has troubled users for a while, but with the advent of HTML5 What Is HTML5, And How Does It Change The Way I Browse? [MakeUseOf Explains] What Is HTML5, And How Does It Change The Way I Browse? [MakeUseOf Explains] Over the past few years, you may have heard the term HTML5 every once in a while. Whether you know anything about web development or not, the concept can be somewhat nebulous and confusing. Obviously,... Read More it seems to be less of an issue. Indeed, Super Fast Browser’s HTML5 support is pretty good.

Advanced Features


In addition to merely browsing the web, there are a couple of convenience features in Super Fast Browser to make your experience that much better. Small things can go a long way.

  • Browsing sessions. If you like to save and retain your tabs between browsing sessions, Super Fast Browser can do it. When you open the browser (not on your first time, of course) it will ask if you want to restore previous tabs. Beware, however, that this function may be buggy on some devices.
  • Snapshots. If you need a screenshot of the website you’re on, Super Fast Browser can take a quick snapshot and save it to your phone’s SD card. This feature will actually snap the entire webpage, not just whatever section you’re zoomed in on.
  • Share. When you find a webpage that you want to send to another app (such as Evernote) or to a friend, you can use the sharing option. Available options include email, SMS, Bluetooth, and more.
  • Download manager. If you ever download something on your phone, the Super Fast Browser download manager will handle everything for you in a way that’s easy to manage.


Should you use Super Fast Browser? Well, it lives up to its name in terms of actual operating speed, so if you’re looking for fast performance as your primary criterion, then yes. An alternative might be Naked Browser, which is also an ultra-light and speedy browser Low-End Android Phone? Try the Ultra-Light Fast & Secure Naked Browser Low-End Android Phone? Try the Ultra-Light Fast & Secure Naked Browser Strangely enough, one of the fastest browsers available for Android remains virtually unheard of, despite its stalwart security, swift browsing speed and feature rich interface. In comparison, all of the other major browsers match-up poorly... Read More . However, if you need more than the bare essential features, then you might be better off with a more mainstream browser.

What do you think of Super Fast Browser? Are there any other speedy Android browsers that you would recommend instead? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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