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Before mechanical clocks were built, people relied on devices like sundials to tell the time using the sun’s shadow. While we fortunately do not have to use that anymore, it still qualifies as a cool thing to do. has a great resource that lets you create your own vertical sundial based on your location.

make vertical sundial

To create your own sundial, start by typing your address or just your city into the text field. This will bring you to your exact location in Google Maps. Then select the face of the building where you intend to place the sundial. The coordinates and the wall declination will mark where you should put the sundial exactly so that it can accurately tell the time.

Finish it off by selecting a banner, checking the DST option if necessary, and choosing your time zone. You now have a cool PDF sundial that you can print-out and assemble. This tool is a great way to rediscover how people told the time during ancient times.

printable sundial


  • Google Maps mashup lets you create a printable sundial based on your location.
  • Custom sundial printed from PDF.
  • Cool resource to learn how sundials work.

Check out Damia’s Create your vertical sundial @

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