While reading news stories and real life accounts online, you will come across various names of public figures which you might not know of. One way to learn about them would be to search for their name online and read the information in the top few search results you get. An alternative and easier way is offered by a tool called Summer.

summer   Summer

Summer is a Chrome browser tool that helps you learn more about the people mentioned on a particular webpage. With the extension installed, you will find that names of public figures are enclosed in blue brackets. These names can also be seen in Summer’s sidebar that appears on the webpage.

summer1   Summer

Clicking on a name loads up the person’s details in the extension’s sidebar. You can read their biography, view relevant YouTube videos, and obtain other useful links to help you learn more about the public figure.

summer2   Summer


  • A user-friendly browser extension.
  • Compatible with Google Chrome.
  • Provides information about people mentioned on a webpage.
  • Automatically detects names mentioned.
  • Offers Bio, videos, and more in a sidebar on the webpage.
  • Similar tool: TheNameEngine.

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Roehl Curioso

Interesting!! Let me give it a try!!