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Today companies realize the importance of social media and work towards increasing their exposure on networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Companies usually spend a lot of money to hire social media marketers to promote their band online. But the online popularity does not always translate into good financial performance. Here to help you check whether or not your social media popularity coincides with good financial performance is a tool called SumAll.

company social performance

SumAll is an excellent web service that companies can use to determine whether or not their online social media marketing campaigns are yielding financial benefits. The site works by linking to your company’s Twitter page and Facebook fan page. The data collected from those sources is cross referenced with the company’s revenues and represented graphically which makes the information easy to understand.


For companies that want to test the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns, SumAll is just the thing to use.




  • A user-friendly web service
  • Helps check effectiveness of online marketing campaign of your company
  • Gathers data from your company’s Facebook and Twitter account
  • Graphically represents social media popularity against financial data

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