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Do you unlock your phone to get social media content from apps a bit too frequently? If you would like to do this less often, then check out an app called Sulia Quick Launch.

social media android

Sulia Quick Launch is a free to use smart device application that is compatible with devices running the Android operating system. The application is sized at nearly 4 MB and requires your phone or tablet to be running Android version 2.2 till version 4.2. The application aims to help you get the most of out your phone’s lock screen. Basically, the app presents social media content right on your Android device’s lock screen so you do not have to unlock your phone simply to check out your social media updates.

Additionally, you are given a choice of adding topics about which news from social media networks is delivered on your lock screen. These topics are 20 in number of which you can choose any 4. A total of 4 screens are shown on your lock screen and it is up to you how you divide them between your social networks and the selected topics news. For example, you can select one screen to show Facebook, one screen to show Twitter, one screen to show news about technology, and one screen to show news about sports.

sulia quick launch

The unlocking feature itself works by hold down the lock icon and moving it either to simply unlock the phone or to directly access the camera, messages, or the phone.



  • A user friendly smart device application.
  • Compatible with devices running Android.
  • Offers a useful lock screen.
  • Can deliver social media content to your lock screen.
  • Provides shortcuts to phone, camera, and messages on lock screen.
  • Similar tools: LockerPro LockscreenQuick Launch Lock Screen and Widget Lock.

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