Suggest.Name: The Web 2.0 Domain Name Generator

Suggest.Name is the web 2.0 domain name generator that can help you come up with web2.0ish names for your new website. Just type in a few suffixes and prefixes that you would like to have in the name (or use default ones) and click “Combine”. Almost instanteniously a list of names will be generated, you can quickly select the ones you like and check their availability.

suggestname   Suggest.Name: The Web 2.0 Domain Name Generator


  • Get suggestions for web 2.0 style domain names.
  • Create as many names as you like.
  • No signup or registration required.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Similar websites: BustaName and Domainr.

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Wedding Guru

Its a nice website as sometimes I get very confused regarding the name of web2.0 related sites, thanks

yinka web

Very impressive and useful for web designers